We all have different reasons for wanting to quilt. To meet those needs, we need to buy the best quilting machines that best solves our problems. There are different types of quilting machines out there. There are the computerized and multi-purpose machines that can pretty much do every sewing task. I remember the days when I had to manually quilt large blankets. As fun as it was, it took a lot of time, sometimes several months just to finish one quilt. But quilting machines have made the task much faster and easier. With these machines, even those with no quilting experience can sew very intricate designs in no time. But the trick is finding the best sewing machine for quilting out there

. An example of a quilting machine

A guide for to finding the best quilting machines for your needs

When it comes time to buy that quilting machine, there are many things one needs to consider in order to get a machine that best suits their needs. One of the most important factors to consider. Other things one needs to take into consideration are the weight of the machine, the size of the quilting project, your reason for quilting and how much money you have to spend. Once you've considered all the above, then you are ready to start searching for your machine. Before you move one there are a few questions you should answer. This will help to determine the kind of quilting machine you need. So please go through the questions below and write down your answers.
  1. How much quilting will I be doing each year?
  2. Will I be working on mostly large projects such as king size beds or much smaller quilting projects such as a table cloth?
  3. Will I be quilting simple quilts or do will most of my projects involve ornate and intricate designs?
  4. I'm I going to focus solely on quilting or would I need a machine that can appliqué as well?
  5. Where will I be using the machine? Do I have to move it around or will it just sit in one place?
  6. Do I have enough space to accommodate a machine, extension table, tables or a frame?
After you've answered the above questions, you can now easily determine the best embroidery machine for you.

Sizing a Quilting Sewing Machine

Sewing machines for quilting are generally sized by their arms. The are is the top horizontal frame of the machine as shown in the image below. Quilting Machine Parts Diagram The arm size measured from the needle to the vertical part of the machine located on the right (for right handed machines). Depending on the length, the sewing machine is then classified as a short arm, mid arm or a long arm quilting machine. In general, a long-arm machine is the most expensive and a short-arm machine the cheapest. The space below the arm is known as the throat space and this determines the size of quilting projects you can complete with the machine. In most quilting projects, you'll fold or roll the piece being quilted. This then needs to fit in the throat space and gradually unrolled as you quilt. The more throat space you have, the bigger the size of projects you can fit under the arm. Quilting machines have brought the would of quilting to the mainstream. You are able to quilt larger projects in faster times. You finished projects now have a professional look to it and all your friends and family that receive your gifts will be very happy. The trick is to find the best quilting machine to satisfy your purpose for quilting. When you do that, you'll be happy making stunning quilts that stand the test of time.